Human Tree - The art of Jeral Tidwell



Tidwell's madness has finally gone 3D!

This is a kit... meaning you have to glue, paint, and assemble it yourself.
You get all of the parts in the picture. The assembled one in the background is mine
and is simply there to show what it looks like assembled raw ( unpainted ).
1 eyeball, 1 pair of wings, 1 trucker hat, 1 eye highlight, 1 metal rod, 1 set of knux.
The eyeball and the knux are pre-drilled. You may need to make some small mods
to the parts as these are cast 1 at a time, by hand... so they may not be perfect.
$50 plus shipping
SOLD OUT! New version available in the "Other Junk" section of our store.

Posted On: Wednesday, December 07th, 2011 @ 12:46 am by the stressed out web dude

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