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I'm sure you guys thought I must have fallen off my boat never to be seen again,
well... I'm still here, grinding away and pouring my insanity into tons of new and
exciting projects. This has been a crazy summer so far and the fall is going to see all
the  fruits of my labor.
After almost a year of development, I have a totally new 6 pc. paint brush set coming
from MACK BRUSH CO. that should be available in late Aug. or early Sept.
I've teamed up with some friends and LAST GASP to publish our latest book titled
" Amigos De Los Muertos " featuring Angryblue, David Lozeau, Roberto Jaras Lira,
and Myself that is all "Day of the Dead" art... it that should hit the streets in mid Sept.
or early Oct.
Did I mention that there is a new sculpture in the works? This one will come in at least
2 different sizes and hopefully as a sterling silver or aluminum charm for the ladies...
consider yourself teased!
As if the list of madness above wasn't enough, I am working on a couple of new art
prints that should satisfy the crazy poster nerds living inside all of us. I'll be in the
shop printing for the next couple weeks so stay tuned... it is about to get crazy!

Posted On: Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 @ 11:11 pm by the stressed out web dude

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