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These two bands have been pillars of the metal community for so long, We can't remember when we didn't rock out to both... We are proud to present CLUTCH and DANZIG! CLUTCH is straight out of the twisted mind and hands of Mr. Tidwell while the DANZIG posters are a collaboration between Jeral and his lovely art goddess, Ms. Sarah Smith. These two creative forces have come together with the power of the perfect storm and this poster is just one of the many collabs coming down the pipe for 2013.
Both posters are SUPER limited so we will only have about 30 of each available to you all. Enjoy.

CLUTCH with The Sword and American Sharks
3 color screen print on heavy, acid free stock
18x24 inches, signed and numbered edition of 100 prints

3 color screen print on heavy, acid free stock
aprox 16x24 inches
Signed and numbered edition of 120 prints
$30 plus shipping

Posted On: Friday, November 01st, 2013 @ 4:00 pm by the stressed out web dude

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