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You all asked and Tidwell has delivered! The long awaited follow up to his sold out 'SQUATCH WHISKERS 000 striping brushes. The HIPPIE TRIPLE is a 000 size brush with full length hair. These bad boys handle like a sports car and carry enough paint to actually get some lines thrown down without having to re-load every 10 inches like most of the short haired 000 brushes. This is a real striping brush that happens to make really fine lines. Contrary to what you've been brain washed, long haired brushes CAN and DO make AWESOME curves, turns, and long lines... they will rock your world. Not to mention, they have tie-dyed thread and peace signs on the handle for the size! $15 each plus shipping and as always, every brush comes with a pile of kick ass stickers!


$15 each plus shipping

Posted On: Monday, February 09th, 2015 @ 5:35 pm by the stressed out web dude

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